2017 Plans

here is a ‘schedule’ of the sales of the year, however it can be changed … but I thought it would be nice to share it with you, i will made preorder every 2 months and between few OOAK when I could, pre-order will be spread systematically during a month :)

be careful, i will offer a skin color only one time, if the doll come back it will be in another color ^^



-JULY : MIALYPSO butter and crystal or grenadine tail

-AUGUST : Tit Herbe OOAK by KoalaKrash

-SEPTEMBER : Squirrel Dreaming (new hands and feets)

-OCTOBER : Special OOAK Eliott by Tsubasa

-NOVEMBER : Mini Brioche

-DECEMBER : Special Deer

-JANUARY : New mold for pinup body