first of all …

All dolls are reproduced in a specialized factory in China, casts lines are perfectly sanded, there are no traces of white or other defects due to sanding. The resin is very smooth and comfortable to wear makeup.



    • The doll I want is out of stock

    • * If I do not order this time would I get another chance? 

    • * I received my order and I am not satisfied 

    • How to pay for my order? 

    • How does payment by installments (layaway)?

    • If I pay in layaway when my order be sent?

    • Is it possible to have eyes and a wig with my doll?

    • How will sent my package?

    • How long should I expect to receive my order?

    • How are rates calculated?

    • Where they find clothes / accessories to their size?

    • What is a OOAK doll ?

    • How work a preorder ?

    • Late payment and cancellation

    • Customs declaration and parcel insurance

    • Other request ?





       The doll I want is out of stock

      I organize pre-orders for a model in one color only ONCE time, the model could be eventually reproduced again in another color but i could never promise that, it depend on many things. After the pre-orders I often take extra dolls that I put online in the  in stock category.



      if I do not order this time would I get another chance? 

      I create many models and organize pre-orders almost every 2 months or about 6 pre-orders a year, I can not therefore guarantee the recurrence of a model in general if I decide to re-propose a model this will be most of the time in a different shade and later in the year or in OOAK dolls.



      I received my order and I am not satisfied

      I check the conformity of all the dolls before sending them, but nevertheless if you encounter any dissatisfaction please contact me, I would do my best
      to try to solve your problem, if your claim is due to an error made by post I’m unfortunately not responsible but the packages are insured.
      I don’t refund whole doll for damaged faceup I could refund damaged faceup only or damaged doll. I can’t refund order for any other reasons.




      How to pay for my order?

      You can pay by paypal,bank transfert or check.



      How does payment by installments (layaway)?

      I set up a new installment payment system with paypal, you can now choose to pay the amount of your deposit and the duration of the payment (until 6 months) then paypal will automatically send the payment every month. If you want to pay installment by check you just have to send all the checks to my adress (6 months maximum) The order is payable within 7 days.



      If I pay in layaway when my order be sent?

      Each command is sent once full payment received.




      Is it possible to have accessories with my doll?

      Content is specified for each model on its description, if there is not specified in wig / clothes or other is that it is not included
      Usually i included eyes. Price does not include accessories / service in options.




      How will sent my package?

      Packages are sent colissimo (EMS for international) you can follow it on colissimo.fr




      How long should I expect to receive my order?

      The time depends on the model chosen, if it will take a preorder my supplier make your order, the time specified on each descriptive
      models in stock are shipped within 1 to 3 weeks depending on the options chosen.




      How are rates calculated?

      Prices are calculated on the taxes of the company, the manufacturing cost of each model as well as the costs of packaging and presentation (you will receive your doll with a bag, a cushion and pair eyes) i don’t include the working time i need to create the prototype otherwise the price would be too high (it takes 2-4 months of work for a full model) and the processing of your orders. Prices may be revised in light of all these elements.




      Where they find clothes / accessories to their size?

      You can contact the following artists who know the measurements of my dolls and create beautiful clothes:

      Sam poudre de fée CachoouEtoile BleueFuryliLullaby

      > Link to other shops 




      What is ooak doll ?

      OOAK mean ‘one of kind’, there outfit and makeup are unique and not reproduce .




      How work a preorder  ?

      I open orders for a defined period of time, once the pre-order last I order my supplier, the waiting time is the time required for the manufacture of dolls and the time I need for makeup and shipped once they are joining me. Usually it may take 2-3 months.





      Late payment and cancellation:
      In case of delayed payment I send you a raise, without response from you I shall cancel the order and credit your Nympheas account points already settled on the control
      (1 point = 1 euro). If you wish to cancel an already paid order I would proceed in the same way, by crediting your account Nympheas only. Points are valid for unlimited way, so you have time to choose how to use them.




      Customs declaration and insurance of the parcel:
      Each parcel is insured and its actual value in order to best protect the shipment. If you have a query regarding insurance of the parcel thank you note in the comments but please remember that if there’s a problem neither post or Nympheas dolls will pay the parcel.